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Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services

To allow each student with a disability to have an equal opportunity in education, university life activities and services

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Our service aims at providing appropriate resources and accommodations to allow each student with a disability to have an equal opportunity in education, university life activities, and services at the University of Macau. Our services and accommodations are tailor-made to meet the individual needs of students with documented permanent or temporary disabilities.

The University of Macau supports “The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. For more information about the convention, please click HERE to browse the webpage of the Macau Social Welfare Bureau.

Committee on Student Disability Services

Terms of Reference

To ensure students with disabilities are provided with proper services for their special needs during their studies at the University of Macau

  • To recommend policies regarding students with disabilities
  • To recommend and coordinate services among different units for students with disabilities
  • To promote related services and policies to prospective students, current students and staff
  • To form workgroups as needed to implement recommendations

The Committee reports to Vice Rector (Student Affairs)

Chairperson: Dean of Students

  • Faculty member from each academic unit, as recommended by the respective Faculty Dean or Director
  • Staff member from each academic support and administrative unit, as recommended by the respective unit head
  • Two student representatives, as recommended by SAO
  • Should input from another concerned unit become necessary in the future, the Chairperson may request the concerned unit head to appoint a representative as an additional committee member


  • Recording secretary, person-in-charge of student disability support service at Student Affairs Office

Each member will have one vote except the recording secretary

Two academic years, renewable

At least one meeting will be held in each academic year

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Updated on 06/05/2015

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