Depending on the individual needs of students with a disability, the University provides the following services and accommodations to ensure an equal opportunity to students.

  1. Individual meeting with the students to assess their needs;
  2. Orientation sessions at the start of the academic year;
  3. Learning aids and equipment, such as a computer screen reader, magnifier, Braille display, and scanning machine;
  4. Handicap parking spaces on campus;
  5. Priority to on-campus dormitory;
  6. Special arrangement of course enrollment;
  7. Psychological counselling service;
  8. Volunteer program to provide the students with daily assistance.
  1. Upon the students’ request based on the students’ individual needs, the following academic support and accommodations may be provided, with the approval from the proper University authority:
    1. Special arrangement of examination time;
    2. Arrangement of special exam venue;
    3. Use of special equipment during exam.
  2. The students may request the following academic support and accommodations directly with their teachers:
    1. Tape recording in lectures;
    2. Priority seating in class;
    3. Receiving lecture notes and reference materials ahead of time;
    4. Extension of deadline for class assignments.

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