1. Equal access to education, student activities, services, and resources at UM;
  2. Reasonable and effective accommodations and services;
  3. Maintain confidentiality regarding disability information, including the right to choose to whom the disclosure of disability is made;
  4. Receive information in reasonably accessible formats;
  5. Make complaints and suggestions about the disability support service.
  1. Meet the academic standard at UM;
  2. Self-identify as a student with a disability if seeking disability accommodations and services;
  3. Provide current medical diagnosis and evaluation verifying the nature and severity of the disability;
  4. Explain to the staff and faculty members his/her special needs and what services and accommodations are requested;
  5. Follow the arrangement of services and accommodations accordingly when agreed upon.
  1. Request current medical diagnosis and evaluation from professionals in order to verify the eligibility for our disability support service;
  2. Decline requests of services and accommodations when the disability documentation does not provide sufficient proof of a specific disability, or warrant any special services or accommodations;
  3. Decline requests of services and accommodations that are inappropriate or unreasonable on the following grounds:
    • The requests pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others;
    • The requests pose an undue financial or administrative burden to the University.
  1. Provide equal access to education, university life activities and services for students with a disability;
  2. Provide appropriate services and accommodations based on the level of impairment and special needs of the individual based on the evaluation of the disability documentation;
  3. Maintain the confidentiality of any students seeking the disability support service.