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Further Study

Further Study LocationAlumni NumberName of UniversityDegree ProgrammeMajor of StudyStatus of Further Study
AustraliaAU02The Australian National UniversityMaster’s degreeInternational RelationsGraduated
AustraliaAU03The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeInformation SystemGraduated
AustraliaAU04Monash UniversityMaster’s degreeFinanceGraduated
AustraliaAU05The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeSpeech PathologyGraduated
AustraliaAU06The University of SydneyMaster’s degreeCommerce (Finance and Banking)Graduated
AustraliaAU07The University of SydneyDoctoral degreeBusiness AnalyticsGraduated
AustraliaAU08The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeEngineering ManagementGraduated
AustraliaAU09The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeManagementGraduated
AustraliaAU10The University of QueenslandMaster’s degreeEconomicsGraduated
AustraliaAU11The University of SydneyMaster’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsGraduated
AustraliaAU12The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeMarketing CommunicationsGraduated
AustraliaAU13The Australian National UniversityDoctoral degreeInternational RelationsCurrently enrolled
AustraliaAU14The university of MelbourneMaster’s degreeInternational BusinessGraduated
AustraliaAU15The University of SydneyMaster’s degreeCommerceGraduated
AustraliaAU16The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeEducationGraduated
AustraliaAU17The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeMarketing CommunicationsGraduated
AustraliaAU18The University of MelbourneMaster’s degreeInformation TechnologyGraduated
AustraliaAU19The Australian National UniversityMaster’s degreeInternational Law and DiplomacyGraduated
AustraliaAU20The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Master’s degreeFinancial AnalysisGraduated
AustraliaAU21The Australian National UniversityMaster’s degreeInternational and Development EconomicsCurrently enrolled
AustraliaAU22The Australian National UniversityMaster’s degreeEconomicsCurrently enrolled
AustraliaAU23The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)
Master’s degreeCommerce (Specialisations in Finance, and Economics & Finance)
Currently enrolled
BelgiumBE01KU LeuvenMaster’s degreeLinguisticsGraduated
BelgiumBE02KU LeuvenMaster’s degreeInternational PoliticsGraduated
BelgiumBE03KU LeuvenMaster’s degreeEuropean Studies: Transnational And Global Perspectives ProgrammeGraduated
BelgiumBE04KU LeuvenAdvanced MasterEuropean Policies and Public AdministrationCurrently enrolled
CanadaCA01McGill UniversityDoctoral degreeComputer ScienceGraduated
CanadaCA02University of TorontoMaster’s degreeManagement and Professional AccountingGraduated
CanadaCA03University of OttawaMaster’s degreeEducation (Studies in Teaching and Learning)Graduated
CanadaCA04Western UniversityMaster’s degreeMechanical And Materials EngineeringGraduated
CanadaCA05Simon Fraser UniversityDoctoral degreeLanguages, Cultures, and LiteraciesCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN01Renmin (People's) University of ChinaDoctoral degreePublic FinanceGraduated
ChinaCN02Tsinghua UniversityMaster’s degreeCommunicationGraduated
ChinaCN03Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityMaster’s degreeChinese Language and LiteratureGraduated
ChinaCN04Renmin (People's) University of ChinaMaster’s degreeSocial LawGraduated
ChinaCN05Beijing Normal UniversityMaster’s degreeApplied Psychology (Clinical and Counseling Psychology) Currently enrolled
ChinaCN06Shandong UniversityDoctoral degreeFolkloreCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN07University of Nottingham Ningbo ChinaDoctoral degreeCivil EngineeringCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN08Xiamen UniversityMaster’s degreeTeaching Chinese to Speakers of Other LanguagesCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN09Tongji UniversityDoctoral degreePolitics and International StudiesCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN10University of Chinese Academy of Social ScienceDoctoral degreeChinese Ancient LiteratureCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN11Beijing Normal UniversityMaster’s degreeCognitive NeuroscienceCurrently enrolled
ChinaCN12The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)Master’s degreeRobotics and Autonomous SystemsCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK01City University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeIntegrated Marketing CommunicationsGraduated
China - Hong KongHK02University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeArchitectural ConservationGraduated
China - Hong KongHK03University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeStatisticsGraduated
China - Hong KongHK04The Chinese University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeFinanceGraduated
China - Hong KongHK05Lingnan UniversityMaster’s degreeHuman Resource ManagementGraduated
China - Hong KongHK06The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMaster’s degreeHumanitiesGraduated
China - Hong KongHK07The Chinese University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeEnglish LiteratureGraduated
China - Hong KongHK08The Chinese University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeSocial WorkGraduated
China - Hong KongHK09Hong Kong Baptist UniversityMaster’s degreeCommunicationGraduated
China - Hong KongHK10The Chinese University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeManagementGraduated
China - Hong KongHK11The Chinese University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeRisk Management ScienceGraduated
China - Hong KongHK12The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeLibrary and Information ManagementGraduated
China - Hong KongHK13The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMaster’s degreeCivil EngineeringGraduated
China - Hong KongHK14The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMaster’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsGraduated
China - Hong KongHK15The Education University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeEducational CounsellingGraduated
China - Hong KongHK16The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDoctoral degreeApplied Social ScienceCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK17The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyDoctoral degreeChemistryCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK18The Education University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeMathematics and PedagogyGraduated
China - Hong KongHK19The University of Hong KongDoctoral degreePolitics and Public AdministrationCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK20Lingnan UniversityMaster’s degreeChineseGraduated
China - Hong KongHK21The Chinese University of Hong KongDoctoral degreeLinguisticsCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK22The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeCivil EngineeringGraduated
China - Hong KongHK23The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeCreative CommunicationsGraduated
China - Hong KongHK24The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)Doctoral degreeLinguisticsCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK25Hong Kong Baptist UniversityDoctoral degreeChemistryCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK26The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeEducational PsychologyGraduated
China - Hong KongHK27The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMaster’s degreeInternational Language EducationGraduated
China - Hong KongHK28The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeGlobal ManagementGraduated
China - Hong KongHK29The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeJournalismGraduated
China - Hong KongHK30The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityMaster’s degreeTeaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (MATCFL)Currently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK31The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeAccountingCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK32The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDoctoral degreeApplied Biology and Chemical TechnologyCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK33The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityMaster’s degreeChinese Language and LiteratureCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK34The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeMarketingCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK35The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK36The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMaster’s degreePublic PolicyCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK37The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeEconomicsCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK38The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDoctoral degreeModern Chinese History and CultureCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK39The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityDoctoral degreeCivil and Environmental EngineeringCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK40The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeCriminologyCurrently enrolled
China - Hong KongHK41The University of Hong KongMaster’s degreeEconomicsCurrently enrolled
China - TaiwanTW01Asia UniversityMaster’s degreeClinical PsychologyCurrently enrolled
DenmarkDK01Copenhagen Business SchoolMaster’s degreePhilosophyCurrently enrolled
FranceFR01INSEADDoctoral degreeFinanceGraduated
FranceFR02Sciences PoMaster’s degreeInternational EnergyCurrently enrolled
GermanyDE01Universität HamburgDoctoral degreeLaw and EconomicsGraduated
GermanyDE02Universität StuttgartMaster’s degreeComputational LinguisticsGraduated
GermanyDE03Technical University of MunichMaster’s degreeInformaticsGraduated
GermanyDE04Universität MannheimMaster’s degreeBusiness AdministrationCurrently enrolled
GermanyDE05Frankfurt School of Finance & ManagementMaster’s degreeFinanceCurrently enrolled
JapanJP01Hitotsubashi UniversityMaster’s degreeEconomicsGraduated
KoreaKR01Korea UniversityMaster’s degreeComparative Studies of Chinese and Japanese CultureGraduated
MalaysiaMY01Universiti Malaya (UM)Doctoral degreeSports and Exercise PsychologyCurrently enrolled
NetherlandsNL01Utrecht UniversityMaster’s degreePsychologyGraduated
NetherlandsNL02Maastricht UniversityDoctoral degreeClimate LawCurrently enrolled
NetherlandsNL03University of AmsterdamMaster’s degreePublic Policy and GovernanceGraduated
NorwayNO01Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)Master’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsGraduated
PortugalPT01University of PortoDoctoral degreeSport ScienceCurrently enrolled
PortugalPT02University of PortoMaster’s degreeCommunication and Management of Creative IndustriesCurrently enrolled
SingaporeSG01National University of Singapore (NUS)Doctoral degreePublic PolicyGraduated
SingaporeSG02Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeKnowledge ManagementGraduated
SingaporeSG03Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeFinancial EngineeringGraduated
SingaporeSG04Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Doctoral degreeLiteratureGraduated
SingaporeSG05Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeFinanceGraduated
SingaporeSG06National University of Singapore (NUS)Master’s degreeStatisticsGraduated
SingaporeSG07National University of Singapore (NUS)Master’s degreeStatisticsGraduated
SingaporeSG08Nanyang Technological University (NTU)Master’s degreeAutomationGraduated
SingaporeSG09Nanyang Technological University (NTU)Master’s degreeAccountancyGraduated
SingaporeSG10Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeInternational RelationsGraduated
SingaporeSG11National University of Singapore (NUS)Master’s degreeMarketing Analytics & InsightsCurrently enrolled
SingaporeSG12National University of Singapore (NUS)Master’s degreeData and CommunicationGraduated
SingaporeSG13Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeFinanceGraduated
SingaporeSG14Singapore Management UniversityMaster’s degreeAccountingGraduated
SingaporeSG15National University of Singapore (NUS)Master’s degreeManagementGraduated
SingaporeSG16Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeTranslation and InterpretationCurrently enrolled
SingaporeSG17National University of Singapore (NUS)Master’s degreeStrategic Analysis and InnovationCurrently enrolled
SingaporeSG18Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)Master’s degreeFinancial TechnologyCurrently enrolled
SpainES01IE Business SchoolMaster’s degreeInternational MBA ​Graduated
SpainES02Universitat Pompeu FabraDoctoral degreeEuropean Union LawCurrently enrolled
SwedenSE01Lund UniversityMaster’s degreeFinanceGraduated
SwedenSE02Lund UniversityMaster’s degreeProduction and Materials EngineeringCurrently enrolled
SwedenSE03Stockholm School of EconomicsMaster’s degreeFinanceCurrently enrolled
United KingdomUK01University of CambridgeDoctoral degreeEducationGraduated
United KingdomUK02University of GlasgowMaster’s degreeFinancial Forecasting & InvestmentGraduated
United KingdomUK03Imperial College LondonMaster’s degreeFinance and AccountingGraduated
United KingdomUK04The University of ManchesterDoctoral degreeEducationGraduated
United KingdomUK05Goldsmiths, University of LondonMaster’s degreeGlobal Media and Transnational CommunicationsGraduated
United KingdomUK06The University of EdinburghMaster’s degreeTESOLGraduated
United KingdomUK07The University of ManchesterMaster’s degreeAccountingGraduated
United KingdomUK08London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)Master’s degreeSocial AnthropologyGraduated
United KingdomUK09The University of ManchesterMaster’s degreeHuman Resource ManagementGraduated
United KingdomUK10University of YorkMaster’s degreeTESOLGraduated
United KingdomUK11The University of EdinburghMaster’s degreeTESOLGraduated
United KingdomUK12The University of WarwickMaster’s degreeInternational Communication for Business and the ProfessionsGraduated
United KingdomUK13University of NottinghamMaster’s degreeEducationGraduated
United KingdomUK15University of GlasgowMaster’s degreeChildren's Literature & LiteraciesGraduated
United KingdomUK16London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)Master’s degreeInternational and Asian HistoryGraduated
United KingdomUK17The University of EdinburghMaster’s degreeArtificial IntelligenceGraduated
United KingdomUK18Loughborough UniversityMaster’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsGraduated
United KingdomUK19King's College LondonMaster’s degreeBanking And FinanceGraduated
United KingdomUK20The University of EdinburghMaster’s degreeInternational DevelopmentGraduated
United KingdomUK21London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)Master’s degreeAccountingGraduated
United KingdomUK22London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)Master’s degreeAccounting Organizations and InstitutionsGraduated
United KingdomUK23London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)Master’s degreeAccounting Organizations and InstitutionsGraduated
United KingdomUK24The University of EdinburghMaster’s degreeLiterature and Modernity: 1900 to the PresentCurrently enrolled
United KingdomUK25London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)Master’s degreeRisk and FinanceCurrently enrolled
United KingdomUK26University of BristolMaster’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS01Texas A&M UniversityDoctoral degreeEducational Psychology (Research, Measurement, and Statistics)Graduated
United StatesUS02University of Maryland, College ParkMaster’s degreeBusiness and Management – Supply Chain ManagementGraduated
United StatesUS03University of FloridaMaster’s degreeDigital Arts and SciencesGraduated
United StatesUS04Duke UniversityMaster’s degreeEast Asian StudiesGraduated
United StatesUS05Fordham UniversityMaster’s degreeAccountingGraduated
United StatesUS06University of DenverMaster’s degreeInternational MBAGraduated
United StatesUS08University of Texas DallasMaster’s degreeFinanceGraduated
United StatesUS09Washington University in St. LouisMaster’s degreeAccountingGraduated
United StatesUS10University of MichiganMaster’s degreeAccountingGraduated
United StatesUS11Fordham UniversityMaster’s degreeBusiness AnalyticsGraduated
United StatesUS12Purdue UniversityMaster’s degreeHealth CommunicationGraduated
United StatesUS13University of WashingtonDoctoral degreeArea StudiesGraduated
United StatesUS14Boston UniversityMaster’s degreeMental Health CounselingGraduated
United StatesUS15University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMaster’s degreeFinancial EngineeringGraduated
United StatesUS16University of ConnecticutMaster’s degreeFinancial Risk ManagementGraduated
United StatesUS17University of California, DavisMaster’s degreeCommunicationGraduated
United StatesUS18University of RochesterDoctoral degreeMechanical EngineeringGraduated
United StatesUS19Columbia UniversityMaster’s degreeTESOLGraduated
United StatesUS20University of Southern CaliforniaDoctoral degreeCommunicationGraduated
United StatesUS22Cornell UniversityMaster’s degreePublic AdministrationGraduated
United StatesUS23University of Michigan-Ann ArborMaster’s degreeInformationGraduated
United StatesUS24Columbia UniversityMaster’s degreePublic Health in EpidemiologyGraduated
United StatesUS25Columbia UniversityMaster’s degreeStatisticsGraduated
United StatesUS26Wake Forest UniversityMaster’s degreeMathematics and StatisticsGraduated
United StatesUS27University of MiamiMaster’s degreeFinanceGraduated
United StatesUS28Georgia College & State UniversityMaster’s degreeEnglish LiteratureGraduated
United StatesUS29Rutgers University–New BrunswickMaster’s degreeDual master's degree in Public Policy and Public InformaticsGraduated
United StatesUS30University of ConnecticutDoctoral degreeApplied Linguistics and Discourse StudiesCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS31Washington University in St. LouisMaster’s degreeQuantitative FinanceGraduated
United StatesUS32School of Visual ArtsMaster’s degreePhotography, Video and Related MediaCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS33Oregon State UniversityDoctoral degreeElectrical and Electronics EngineeringCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS34University of PennsylvaniaMaster’s degreeDevelopmental PsychologyGraduated
United StatesUS35Tulane UniversityDoctoral degreePsychologyCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS36University of RochesterMaster’s degreeMarketing AnalyticsGraduated
United StatesUS37Duke UniversityMaster’s degreeManagementGraduated
United StatesUS38New York University (NYU)Master’s degreeFinancial EngineeringCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS39New York University (NYU)Master’s degreeFinancial EngineeringCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS40University of Maryland, College ParkDoctoral degreeCriminology and Criminal JusticeCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS41Columbia UniversityMaster’s degreeApplied AnalyticsCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS42University of Wisconsin-MadisonMaster’s degreeEconomicsCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS43Duke UniversityMaster’s degreeMaster of ManagementCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS44University of ChicagoMaster’s degreeFinancial MathematicsCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS45University of ChicagoMaster’s degreeComputational Social Science in EconomicsCurrently enrolled
United StatesUS46Stanford UniversityMaster’s degreeLatin American StudiesCurrently enrolled


Employment LocationAlumni NumberEmploying OrganizationIndustry SectorJob NaturePosition
China - BeijingCN-BJ01The People’s Bank of ChinaBanking and FinanceNote Printing---
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ02Zhejiang Jinguang New Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.Manufacturing / EngineeringAdministrationGeneral Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH03Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Development Co., Ltd.HR OutsourcingHuman ResourcesHR Specialist
China - ShanghaiCN-SH04Kunshan Rural Commercial BankBanking and FinanceAdministrationVice President in internet Banking
China - ShanghaiCN-SH05Yi Cheong Resource Investment Company LtdTradingMarketing and SalesDirector of Board & CEO
China - ShanghaiCN-SH06Harmonia CapitalFinanceFinance and InvestmentSenior Investment Manager
China - ShanghaiCN-SH07Andover Center ShanghaiEducationTeaching and TrainingTOEFL Lecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ08Shenzhen Guangming New District Public Service BureauGovernmentAdministrationAdministrative Staff
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH09Dacheng Law Offices (Zhuhai Branch)Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceLawyer
China - BeijingCN-BJ10Tsinghua UniversityEducationMarketing and SalesMarketing Manager
China - BeijingCN-BJ12China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd.FinanceInvestment BankDirector
China - Heilongjiang ProvinceCN-HL13Harbin Normal UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingPortuguese Teacher
China - ShanghaiCN-SH14Shanghai-FANUC Robotics Co.LTD.EngineeringEngineeringR & D Engineer
China - BeijingCN-BJ15Beijing Huawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd.Cloud ComputingResearch and DevelopSoftware Engineer
China - ShanghaiCN-SH15ZaiLaboratory (Shanghai)Pharmaceuticals / Biotech & HealthcareMedical AffairsSenior Medical Manager
China - BeijingCN-BJ16British CouncilEducationAdministrationExams Service Officer
China - ShanghaiCN-SH17Zensun (Shanghai) Sci. & Tech. LTD. Co.Medical HealthBusiness Development and Business AdministrationExecutive Vice President, Executive Director
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ18Alibaba Group Information TechnologyTreasuryTreasury Specialist
China - BeijingCN-BJ19Xicheng District People's Procuratorate of Beijing MunicipalityGovernmentLegal ServiceProcurator
China - ShanghaiCN-SH20BASF Asia PacificChemical Marketing and SalesSales Marketing Associate
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ21Zhejiang Sci-tech UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS22Full Truck Alliance Co. Ltd.Information TechnologyEngineeringSenior Algorithm Expert
China - Shaanxi ProvinceCN-SN23Xidian UniversityEducationScientific ResearchAssociate Professor of School of Electronic Engineering
China - ShanghaiCN-SH24Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., LtdInformation TechnologyArt / DesignGame Designer
China - GuangxiCN-GX25Nanning Normal UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Fujian ProvinceCN-FJ26Xiamen University of TechnologyEducationTeaching and TrainingAssistant Professor of Communication, Master's Supervisor
China - ShanghaiCN-SH27Wanda Internet Technology Group Banking and FinanceFinance ServicesCompliance Specialist
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ28Guangdong University of Foreign Studies South China Business CollegeEducationTeaching and TrainingLecturer in Portuguese
China - BeijingCN-BJ29China Women's UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingLecturer in Pre-Primary Education
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ30Heng Da New Energy TechnologyEnergyEngineeringNPI Engineer
China - BeijingCN-BJ31Beijing E-Techstar Co.,Ltd.Engineering Marketing and SalesSales Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ32Huawei Device Co.,Ltd.TelecomsFinancial ManagementMedium Financial Specialist
China - Shandong ProvinceCN-SD34Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences)Education Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Foshan)CN-GDFS35Bright Dream Robotics Information TechnologyScientific Research Research & Development Engineer
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ36Ningbo UniversityEducationScientific Research Assistant Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH37Zhuhai Hi-Tech Construction Investment Co., Ltd Real EstateReal EstateIndustry Investment
China - Jilin ProvinceCN-JL38Changchun University of Chinese MedicineEducationScientific Research Associate Researcher
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ39Alibaba Group Information TechnologyTo develop knowledge graph algorithm for E-commerce businessSenior Algorithm Engineer
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS40Nanjing UniversityEducationScientific Research Assistant Research Fellow
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH41Namkwong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Real EstateLegal AffairsLegal Compliance Specialist
China - BeijingCN-BJ43ICBC Business and Research Development Center Banking and FinanceInformation TechnologyManager Level 1
China - Fujian ProvinceCN-FJ44Fthenakis KindergartenEducation Teaching and TrainingKindergarten Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ45Guangdong University of FinanceEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer in New Media
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH46Zhuhai City PolytechnicEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - BeijingCN-BJ47Beijing Yingke Law Firm Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceLawyer
China - ShanghaiCN-SH48Yichuan High School ShanghaiEducation Teaching and TrainingSchool Counseling Teacher
China - BeijingCN-BJ49Beijing Institute of Graphic CommunicationEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong ProvinceCN-GD50A comprehensive university in Guangdong (Shantou University)EducationScientific Research Associate Professor
China - ShanghaiCN-SH51KPMG Accounting and Auditing Accounting and AuditingAccountant
China - ShanghaiCN-SH52Agricultural Bank of China Software Development Center Banking and Finance Information TechnologySoftware Engineer
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ53The Chinese University of Hong Kong, ShenzhenEducationAdministrationExecutive Assistant
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH54Beijing Normal University, ZhuhaiEducationAdministrationGrade Director
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ55Jinan UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingAssistant Professor
China - Hubei ProvinceCN-HB56Yangtze UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingAssociate Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Huizhou)CN-GDHZ57Country Garden Silver Beach SchoolEducation Teaching and TrainingEnglish Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH58Venetian (Zhuhai) Hotel Marketing Co., Ltd Information Technology Information TechnologyIT Helpdesk Specialist
China - Guangdong Province (Zhanjiang)CN-GDZJ59BASF SEChemicalEngineeringAssistant Engineer
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ60V&T Law Firm (Shenzhen) Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceParalegal
China - Fujian ProvinceCN-FJ61Dell Technologies Information TechnologyMarket Research/ Business Analysis/ Data MiningSenior Analyst
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ62The Chinese University of Hong Kong, ShenzhenEducationTeaching and TrainingAssistant Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ63Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Electronics / High TechnologyFinance ServicesFinancial Analyst
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH64Xiamen International BankFinancial Services / BankingFinance ServicesAccounts Manager
China - ShanghaiCN-SH65Trip.comTravel / Leisure / HospitalityOperationMarketing Operation Officer
China - BeijingCN-BJ66BaiduInternetFinancial AnalysisFinancial Planning and Analyst
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH67Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and TechnologyEducation Teaching and TrainingIELTS Speaking Teacher
China - ChongqingCN-CQ68Chongqing Yucai Secondary SchoolEducation Teaching and TrainingPolitics Teacher
China - ShanghaiCN-SH69East China University of Political Science and LawEducationScientific Research Distinguished Associate Research Fellow
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ70Water Authority of Nanshan District, ShenzhenGovernmentAdministrationAssistant to Director
China - Shaanxi ProvinceCN-SN71Xi'an Jiaotong UniversityEducationScientific Research Assistant Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Foshan)CN-GDFS72The People's Procuratorate of NanHai District, FoShan CityGovernmentLegal ServiceProsecutor Assistant
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ73Shenzhen Exchange Group Banking and Finance Accounting and AuditingAuditor
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ74Ningbo UniversityEducationScientific Research Associate Research Fellow
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS75Nanjing Normal UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ76Bioisland Laboratory Medical HealthAdministration and R&DProject Manager and Senior Bioinformatics Statistics Engineer
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS77Northwestern Polytechnical University Taicang CampusEducationScientific Research Associate Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ78Johnson & Johnson China Medical Health Marketing and SalesSales
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH79Gree Electric Appliances. Inc. of Zhuhai Trading / Wholesale / Retail Marketing and SalesRegional Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH80InterContinental ZhuhaiHotel Customer ServiceFront Office Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH81Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of SciencesEducation Teaching and TrainingResident Fellow and PE Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH82Pachira Information Technology Data Analysis and MarketingMarket Research Analyst
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ83New OrientalEducationAdministrationProduct Manager
China - ShanghaiCN-SH84Apple Inc. Information TechnologyManufacturingProgramme Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ85Chiesi Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Medical HealthDrug Post-marketing StudySenior Medical Science Liaison
China - Fujian ProvinceCN-FJ86Xiamen International Bank Co, Ltd Banking and Finance Banking ServiceSecretary of Special Asset Management Department
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ87Southern University of Science and TechnologyEducationTeaching and TrainingResearch Assistant Professor
China - Henan ProvinceCN-HA88Zhengzhou UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ89Harbin Institute of Technology, ShenzhenEducationScientific Research Assistant Professor
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ90Wellington College International HangzhouEducation Teaching and TrainingChinese Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ91Guangdong Hua Road Traffic Technology Co., Ltd.Engineering Engineering Technical Manager
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ92Wenzhou Business CollegeEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH93Zhitu International Education Education Teaching and TrainingPrincipal Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH94Beijing Normal University at ZhuhaiEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ95King & Wood Mallesons Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceParalegal
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH97The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Medical HealthScientific Research Assistant Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ98Guangdong Airport AuthorityTransportation and Logistics AdministrationStaff of Enterprise Development Department
China - Henan ProvinceCN-HA99Zhengzhou UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Sichuan ProvinceCN-SC100Chengdu Women's and Children's Central Hospital Medical HealthScientific Research Scientific Researcher
China - BeijingCN-BJ101China Pacific Property Insurance Co.,Ltd.InsuranceInsurance ServiceSenior Account Manager
China - ShanghaiCN-SH102L'OréalCosmetics/ FMCG Mass MediaMedia Executive
China - Guangdong Province (Dongguan)CN-GDDG103Wanjiang No.1 Elementary SchoolEducation Teaching and TrainingEnglish Teacher
China - Yunnan ProvinceCN-YN104Yunnan Normal UniversityEducationScientific Research Associate Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ105Deloitte Accounting and Auditing Accounting and AuditingAuditor
China - Sichuan ProvinceCN-SC106Southwest University of Science and TechnologyEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - ShanghaiCN-SH107Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityEducationScientific Research Assistant Professor
China - Hunan ProvinceCN-HN108China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., LtdArchitecture Legal ServiceLegal Affairs Associate
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH109Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist University United International CollegeEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer in Statistics
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ110Shenzhen Capital Group Co. LtdBiomedicine InvestmentInvestment ResearchPhD Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ111Konka Group Co., Ltd. Trading / Wholesale / Retail Marketing and SalesSales Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH112Bank of China, Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone Hengqin Branch Banking and Finance Banking ServiceAccount Manager
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ113Zhejiang Wanli UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - TianjinCN-TJ114Offshore Oil Engineering Co., LtdInternational Energy Engineering/Ocean EngineeringLegal ServiceContract Engineer
China - GuangxiCN-GX115The People's Procuratorate of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionGovernmentPublic Security Forces Provincial Senior Procurator
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ116Relx InternationalConsumer Goods/TobaccoGo-to-market (GMT)Senior Specialist
China - BeijingCN-BJ117GlaxoSmithKline (China) Investment Co.,Ltd. Medical HealthMedical and Health Services Medical Science Liaison
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH118Zhuhai No. 1 Middle SchoolEducationAdministrationVice Headmaster
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ119Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Information Technology Marketing and SalesProduct Manager
China - ShanghaiCN-SH120Shanghai Pinghe SchoolEducation Teaching and TrainingChinese Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ121Wanxin Group Information Technology Marketing and SalesBusiness Operation
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ122PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting and Auditing Accounting and AuditingAssociate Assurance
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ123China Mobile Communications Corporation Guangdong Co., Ltd.Telecommunications E-commerceProduct Manager
China - Hunan ProvinceCN-HN124National University of Defense TechnologyEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Shaanxi ProvinceCN-SN125Xijing Hospital Medical HealthScientific Research Researcher
China - Yunnan ProvinceCN-YN126Lijiang Institute of Culture and TourismEducation Teaching and TrainingTeacher
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ127Guangdong Pharmaceutical UniversityEducationScientific Research Lecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ128Poly Hotel Management Co., LTD.Consulting ServicesAdministrationProject Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH129Beijing Jingsh Law Firm Zhuhai Office Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceLawyer
China - BeijingCN-BJ130China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company LimitedFast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)Legal ServiceLegal Specialist
China - BeijingCN-BJ131CGTNMass CommunicationMass MediaEditor
China - ChongqingCN-CQ132Chongqing Kunyuan Hengtai Law Firm Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceApprentice Lawyer
China - Guangdong Province (Zhongshan)CN-GDZS133Zhongshan City Second People's Hospital Medical HealthAdministrationAdministrative Staff
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH134Beijing Normal University at ZhuhaiEducation Teaching and TrainingAssistant Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ135Ipsos (China) Consulting Co., Ltd. Guangzhou BranchManufacturing Market Research/ Product DevelopmentSenior Product Planning Engineer
China - BeijingCN-BJ136China Tourism Group Trading / Wholesale / RetailAdministration and ManagementManagement Trainee
China - BeijingCN-BJ137China Media GroupMass CommunicationMass MediaEditorial Staff
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ138TencentInformation TechnologyHuman ResourcesCorporate Culture Department in HR & Management Line
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS139Nanjing Forestry UniversityEducation Teaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH140Renhe Qibang Xianhui (Hengqin) Joint Venture Law Firm Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceParalegal
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ141GAC R&D CenterInformation Technology Information TechnologyHardware Design Engineer
China - Hubei ProvinceCN-HB142Wuhan Polytechnic UniversityEducationScientific Research Associate Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ143Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Banking and FinanceFinance ServicesSales
China - ShanghaiCN-SH144Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Information Technology Information TechnologyAnalog IC Design Engineer (Power)
China - Guizhou ProvinceCN-GZ145China CITIC Bank Banking and FinanceAdministrationSub-branch Director
China - XinjiangCN-XJ146Shihezi University Corps of Energy Development InstituteEducation Teaching and TrainingAssociate Professor
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ147Guangdong Song Law Firm Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceLawyer
China - ChongqingCN-CQ148Xiaomi CorporationInformation Technology Information TechnologySenior Algorithm Engineer
China - BeijingCN-BJ149Ping An Bank Co.,Ltd. Banking and FinanceAdministrationSales Director
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH150Medeli Musical Instrument (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd.Manufacturing / EngineeringAdministrationGeneral Manager
China - BeijingCN-BJ151Tsinghua UniversityEducationScientific Research Postdoctoral Researcher
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS152Guotai Junan Securities Jiangsu Branch Banking and FinanceAdministrationInvestment Banking Department Business Director
China - Guangdong Province (Foshan)CN-GDFS153Guangzhou College of Technology and BusinessEducation Teaching and TrainingTeacher
China - Guangdong Province (Huizhou)CN-GDHZ154Desay SVInformation Technology Information TechnologyBig Data Engineer
China - Hubei ProvinceCN-HB155Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of SciencesEducationScientific Research Postdoctoral Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ156Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate SchoolEducationAdministrationSpecialist for Admissions
China - ShanghaiCN-SH157Bank of China Shanghai Branch Banking and FinanceBanking ServicesMinority Languages Training Programme Officer
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ158Guangzhou University Law SchoolEducation Teaching and TrainingPostdoctoral Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ159PricewaterhouseCoopers Guangzhou BranchAccounting and Auditing Accounting and AuditingX-Venturer
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ160TJTJ KindergartenEducation Teaching and TrainingTeaching-research Staff
China - Guangdong Province (Zhongshan)CN-GDZS161Zhongshan Teacher Development CenterEducation Teaching and TrainingPreschool Research and Training Fellow
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ162Guangdong Everwin Law Office Law Firm and Legal ConsultationLegal ServiceParalegal
China - ShanghaiCN-SH163Fudan UniversityEducationScientific Research Postdoctoral Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH164Zhuhai NO.1 High School Pingsha CampusEducation Teaching and TrainingPhysical Education Teacher
China - Guangdong Province (Dongguan)CN-GDDG165Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Information Technology Information TechnologySoftware Engineer
China - ShanghaiCN-SH166Tesla (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.Information Technology Information TechnologyAssociate Data Scientist
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ167Shenzhen Court of International ArbitrationArbitral AuthorityLegal ServiceAssisting Legal Consultant
China - ShanghaiCN-SH168People's Procuratorate of Qingpu District of Shanghai MunicipalityGovernmentLegal ServiceProsecutor Assistant
China - ShanghaiCN-SH169ZhuziplayInformation Technology Information TechnologyProduct Operations Specialist
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ170Guangdong Baiyun UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingInstructor
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ171Jinan universityEducationTeaching and TrainingAssistant Professor
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ172Zhejiang UniversityEducationScientific ResearchMedicine Postdoctor
China - Fujian ProvinceCN-FJ173Xiamen Xiangyu Co., Ltd.LogisticsAccounting and AuditingAuditor
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH174King & Wood Mallesons HengqinLawLegal ServiceParalegal
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH175Aerospace Yinshan Electric Co., Ltd.Technology R&DEngineering and Management Chief Engineer
China - Sichuan ProvinceCN-SC176Mianyang Bureau of economy and information technologyGovernmentAdministrationOffice Clerk
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ177HONOR Device Co., LtdTechnology R&DAdministrationChannel Manager
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ178Chip Company in ShenzhenIntegrated CircuitLegal ServiceLegal Specialist
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ179Shenzhen Smart City Technology Development Group Co., Ltd.Technology R&D Information TechnologyData Mining Engineer
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ180Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.Banking, Finance and InsuranceProduct DevelopmentFinancial Technology Product Associate
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ181BoeshiEducationTeaching and TrainingTeacher
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH182Zhuhai HUAFA Group Co., Ltd. English name of your employer)Technology R&DOperationOperations Manager
China - Liaoning ProvinceCN-LN183Sonyo Compressor (Dalian) Co., Ltd.ManufacturingEngineeringEquipment Engineer
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS184Suzhou No.3 High SchoolEducationEducation ConsultingCollege Advisor
China - BeijingCN-BJ185China Construction Bank HeadquartersBanking, Finance and InsuranceAdministrationManagement Department
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ186Huawei Technologies Co., LtdCommunication and ComputerInformation TechnologyAnalog integrated circuit designer
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ187Peking University ShenZhen Graduate SchoolEducationScientific ResearchPostdoctoral Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ188Shanghai City Development (Shenzhen) Law FirmLawLegal ServiceParalegal
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH189Dentons' Preferred Law FirmLawLegal ServiceLawyer
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ190Guangdong Baiyun UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingProduct Desiner and Instructor
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH191MaxcessManufacturing and ConsultingAdministrationHead of Asia-Pacific Marketing
China - Jiangsu ProvinceCN-JS192China Resources Gas Group LimitedGasServiceIn service Trainee
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH193Pricewaterhouse CoopersBanking, Finance and InsuranceAccounting and AuditingAuditor
China - ShanghaiCN-SH194Klynveld Peat Marwick GoerdelerBanking, Finance and InsuranceAccounting and AuditingTax Accountant
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ195WeBank Co., Ltd.Banking, Finance and InsuranceFinance ServiceFinancial Advisor
China - Guangdong Province (Foshan)CN-GDFS196Victoria Harbour Education GroupEducationTeaching and TrainingTeacher in Tourism and Hospitality
China - BeijingCN-BJ197Credit Card Center of Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd.Banking, Finance and InsuranceInformation Technology/ Finance/ Big DataResearch and Design
China - BeijingCN-BJ198Beijing Dajia Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd.Mass CommunicationMass MediaLive Broadcast Operation
China - BeijingCN-BJ199Beijing 21st Century International SchoolEducationTeaching and TrainingEnglish Teacher
China - Sichuan ProvinceCN-SC200Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPAsBanking, Finance and InsuranceAccounting and AuditingAudit Assistant
China - Guangdong Province (Shenzhen)CN-GDSZ201Shenzhen Court of International ArbitrationLawLegal ServiceAssistant Legal Counsel
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ202Guangdong Planning and Designing Institute of Telecommunication Co., Ltd.Communication and ComputerInformation TechnologySmart City Designer
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH203Huafa PropertiesReal Estate Development, Architecture and EngineeringTender Opening and ProcumentVice President of Procurement Tendering
China - Hainan ProvinceCN-HI204Hainan UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingAssociate Professor
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ205Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd.Pharmaceuticals / Biotech & HealthcareScientific ResearchResearch Fellow
China - Zhejiang ProvinceCN-ZJ206Club Med Joyview Thousand IslandHotel and CateringAdministrationAdministration Assistant to General Manager
China - Anhui ProvinceCN-AH207Wanda GroupCommercial, Culture, Internet, FinanceMarketing and Sales, Human ResourceManagement Trainee
China - Fujian ProvinceCN-FJ207Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company LimitedElectricity / Gas / Water Supply Accounting and AuditingAccountant
China - BeijingCN-BJ208Peking UniversityEducationScientific ResearchPostdoctoral Researcher
China - Guangdong Province (Guangzhou)CN-GDGZ209Jinan UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingLecturer
China - BeijingCN-BJ210AmCham ChinaNGOGovernment AffairsAssociate, Government Affairs & Policy
China - BeijingCN-BJ211Beijing International Studies University
EducationTeaching and TrainingPortuguese Lecturer
China - ChongqingCN-CQ212Chongqing UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingLecturer
China - Guangdong Province (Zhuhai)CN-GDZH213United International College (UIC) of Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist UniversityEducationTeaching and TrainingAssistant Professor
China - Hong KongCN-HK01Glion Institute of Higher Education/ Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Admission OfficeEducationEducation Consulting Director of Enrollment (Hong Kong and Macao)
China - Hong KongCN-HK02BNP ParibasBanking and FinanceResearch and Accounting Credit Analyst
China - Hong KongCN-HK03Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd Medical Health Marketing and SalesBusiness Devlopment and Sales Manager
China - Hong KongCN-HK04Aftership Limited Information Technology Information TechnologyFull Stack Software Engineer
China - Hong KongCN-HK05Binnies Hong Kong LimitedConstructionConsultingAssistant Engineer
China - Hong KongCN-HK06Guotai Junan Securities (Hong Kong) LimitedFinanceFinance and InvestmentVice President of Debt Capital Markets
China - Hong KongCN-HK07Siu Yin Wai & Associates Ltd.EngineeringEngineeringGraduate Engineer
Austria - ViennaAT-VIE01Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in ViennaTechnology R&DScientific ResearchPostdoctoral Fellow
Australia - MelbourneAU-MEL01ANZ Banking and FinanceAI and Big DataData Engineer Chapter Lead / Data Engineer Manager
Canada - TorontoCA-TO01Citco (Canada) LimitedAccounting and FinanceHedge Fund ServiceSupervisor
LuxembourgLU-LU01VodafoneTelecomsData Analysis and Visualization, Project Management, Database IntegrationData Analyst
MalaysiaMY-MY01Ernst & Young Accounting and Auditing Accounting and AuditingAudit Assistant
PolandPL-PL01Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co.,Ltd.Trade, Wholesale and RetailMarketing and SalesOverseas Channel Sales Engineer
United Kingdom - BournemouthUK-BOU01Avonbourne Boys' and Girls' AcademiesEducationTeaching and TrainingTeacher of Mathematics
United StatesUS-US01Union Bank of SwitzerlandFinancial Services / BankingFinance ServicesMarket Risk Analyst
Australia - MelbourneAU-MEL02Step Right HealthHealthcare Medical and Health ServicesSpeech Language Pathologist
LuxembourgLU-LU02CITCO REIF Services (Luxembourg) S.A. Banking and FinanceLegal ServiceAssistant Vice President
SingaporeSG-SG02TikTok Pte. Ltd.Web Information TechnologyData Analyst
United Kingdom - LondonUK-LDN02Unipec U.K. Co. LimitedOil and Gas Accounting and AuditingJunior Accountant
United StatesUS-US02EsriSoftware Marketing and SalesProduct Marketing Analyst
Australia - SydneyAU-SYD03Centenary Institute Medical HealthScientific Research Research Officer
Australia - SydneyAU-SYD04Westmead Institute for Medical Research Medical HealthScientific Research Postdoctoral Scientist
United States - CaliforniaUS-CA04XilinxSemiconductorFinancial ReportingFinancial Reporting Manager
Australia - CanberraAU-CBR05The Australian National UniversityEducationTeaching and ResearchTutor, Lecturer, Research Assistant
Australia - SydneyAU-SYD06Hannan Accounting & Taxation ServicesAccounting & TaxationAccounting and AuditingAccountant
United States - CaliforniaUS-CA06University of Southern CaliforniaEducation Teaching and TrainingAssistant Professor
United States - WashingtonUS-WA07AmazonElectronics / High TechnologyNLP modelingData Scientist
United States - TexasUS-TX08Ernst & YoungConsulting / Professional ServicesStrategy and Transactions - Real EstateManager
United States - TexasUS-TX09University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, UTSW Medical HealthScientific Research Postdoctoral Researcher
United States - New YorkUS-NY10SiriusXM PandoraMedia StreamingBusiness AnalysisProduct Analyst