• How to prepare for an interview?
  • What features are there in different type of interviews (e.g. In-person, Online and Telephone)?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts for an interview?
  • What should you note during an interview?
  • How to cope with frequently asked questions?
  • How to accept / refuse the offer?
  • Greetings: proper handshakes, self-introduction (what to include), guest reception at the workplace, handling phone calls, etc.
  • Basic communication skills: sending emails, daily interactions, meetings, etc.
  • Professional attire: how to dress up to make a good impact, what to wear for the first day of work
  • General workplace business etiquette, such as elevator etiquette, respect, be polite and punctual, etc.
  • What to mind for the first day of work, how to fit into the office environment.
  • Why networking is important?
  • How to break the ice with a person whom you meet for the first time?
    • Deliver a concise, memorable message about oneself
    • Practice opening lines and make a positive impression
  • How to build new networks
    • Identify opportunities to connect with professionals and expand current network (i.e., internship, career activities, etc.)
  • Basic tips on how to maintain and develop contacts
    • How to plan for a networking event and how to network at events (such as internship, part-time, high table dinner in RC)
    • Greetings: giving and receiving business cards, handshake to convey a positive first impression, etc.
    • How to start a conversation and suitable topics to maintain the conversations
    • Notes for networking – integrity, sincerity, and no loss of personal worth or esteem


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