• Based on the educational background and preference of participating alumni (mentors) and students (mentees), they will be matched to form a group with 2 to 4 people.
  • Alumni and Development Office and Career Development Centre will organize various group activities during program period in order to create chances for mentors and mentees to have communications.
  • At the end of the program, mentees who fulfill certain requirements and gain their mentors’ recommendations are eligible to nominate the “Outstanding Mentee Award”.
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Application starts in the beginning of the 1st semester

Details will be announced through Student E-bulletin Board. You are encouraged to subscribe to our WeChat and website to receive activity information.

Students' feedback:

My mentor provided me valuable advice on career planning and development.


I learned a lot from my mentor’s experience sharing and which was not able to learn in class and found in textbook.


During my conversation with my mentor, I learnt the current trend of the industry and updated information.


This program helped me to build up my personal network, I did make new friends who were from different faculties and different industries.


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Opening Activity

VR experiences and tea gathering session