We work with various Mainland companies and organizations to provide internship opportunities in the following areas.

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Greater Bay Area

(Guangzhou, Guangzhou Nansha, Zhuhai, Hengqin)

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You may learn the application and internship programme details through Student E-bulletin Board. You are encouraged to subscribe to our WeChat and website to receive activity information.

You will need to attend selection interviews conducted by us and/or internship providers

You need to confirm internship offers with internship organizers

You are required to attend our Internship pre-departure briefing

Internship period

You need to submit intern’s performance evaluation forms completed by internship provider, student’s report and photos to us, in order to have the internship certificate.

Students’ Feedback

“I want to thank the University of Macau for providing us with such a valuable internship opportunity so that we could experience the working environment of the current job market and prepare for future employment. I also hope that more internship opportunities will be given to interested students, which will be very helpful to their career planning.”

Student Gao, worked as intern at DataInsights

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful project, which enriched my summer vacation and also pointed out the direction for my future study. I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in more similar activities in the future, and I also hope that more students can join this internship to gain knowledge and life experience outside the classroom!”

Student Cai, worked as intern at Nansha Grand Hotel

“Internship is an examination to test and certify my ability. Working in the REAL environment which is different from learning in the classroom, I tried to put my academic knowledge into practice, in which I deepened my understanding of auditing. Meanwhile, I was aware of my downsides during the internship period, I was not familiar with the job duties and lack of professional knowledge. Through communication with my colleagues, I got more familiar with the job duties and deepened my understanding of this job. During my spare time, I did learn the daily office operations so that I could increase my work efficiency.

I appreciate that I could take part in this internship program which enabled me to verify my job preference and to let me keep on pursuing my career goals and jobs.”

Gu, worked as intern in Baker Tilly International Limited