There are 2 types of local internship programmes,


You may learn the application and internship programme details through Student E-bulletin Board. You are encouraged to subscribe to our WeChat and website to receive activity information.

You will need to attend selection interviews conducted by us and/or internship providers

You will need to confirm internship offers with internship providers

You are required to attend our internship pre-departure briefing

Internship period

You need to submit the intern’s performance evaluation form completed by the internship provider, student’s report, and photos to us, in order to have the internship certificate.

Students’ Feedback

“Through this internship, I know that working in bank is not easy. The internship enabled me to experience the REAL work environment and helped me realize the difference from my expectation. This internship experience inspired me to think about my future career goal again.”

CHAN, worked as an intern in BNU

“As I am a student majoring in finance, I have worked in the finance department of CEM during my internship period. I can apply almost 70% of my academic knowledge to the internship. In class, I have learnt some academic knowledge, such as the skills of calculating the term loan interest, usage of interest rate, dividend of shareholder and so on. I am so happy that I can put the knowledge into practice.”

CHANG, worked as an intern in CEM

“This internship allowed me to gain work experience. It made me understand the operation of the tourism and hotel industry and broaden my horizon. I learned how to put accounting knowledge into practice, I believe this internship experience will become my advantage and strength when I do job-hunting in the future.”

LIANG, worked as an intern in Ying Hai Tourism Company Limited

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