Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) was an international certificate course originally developed in Australia in 2001.
The 12-hour course is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills to help someone with emergency mental health problem. After learning the course, participants are able to provide assistance to their peers who are under emotional distress and to make referral to professional help accordingly.

Participants of the 12-hour MHFA course will receive a course manual and also a certificate issued by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong at the completion of the course.

Objectives and training content:

  • To address the possible crisis arising from these mental health problems and proceed with necessary intervention.

  • To provide suitable help for person involved before the situation gets worse on the basis of the following five keys:

    • A(Assess) and assist with any crisis.
    • L(Listen) non-judgmentally.
    • G(Give) support and information.
    • E(Encourage) the person to get appropriate professional help.
    • E(Encourage) other supports.
  • To learn about UM psychological counselling and community resources and help the person involved to seek for professional treatment and make use of suitable resources.